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Choose a type of date picker to be the default (instead of the basic one every time)

Started by adamburr Android app5 comments

Custom default due date (as well as 'today' and 'never', allow defaults of '2 days', '3 days', etc)

Started by dygituljunky Android app4 comments

Dark theme widget

Started by orsoni Android app16 comments

Download app without Android Market

Started by rubyji Android app8 commentsAnswered

Widget that shows tasks based on your current location

Started by kingfuu Android app3 comments

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by currys Android app23 commentsAnswered

Barcode scanning to add tasks

Started by kh Android app4 comments

Ability to duplicate tasks

Started by sam.katakouzinos Android app20 comments

Option to only show location-based alerts when tasks are due at that location on that particular day

Started by fnbmbm Android app23 comments

Improve transition between screens

Started by blackmagnum Android app9 commentsAnswered

Option to 'undo' actions

Started by kristian.mong Android app2 comments

Option to keep notification "persistent"

Started by jheydasch Android app7 comments

Distribute app via Archos appslib

Started by codedivine Android app3 commentsAnswered

Customize the order of lists and Smart Lists

Started by jsn7821 Android app4 comments

Adjustable widget transparency

Started by pollisoft Android app6 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by jthomerson Android app11 comments

Ability to associate a location with a list

Started by derekweb Android app4 comments

Search notes by default

Started by djdinut1 Android app4 comments

Meta-locations (e.g. 'Supermarket' might include multiple local grocery stores)

Started by jonathan.cederberg Android app15 comments

Option to order completed by priority

Started by jlous Android app1 comment