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Show the tag cloud on public lists

Started by opensuse.gnome Web app1 comment

Play audio when a new task is added to a shared list

Started by limomobile Web app0 comments

Allow uppercase characters in tag names (case sensitive tags)

Started by tzortea Web app9 comments

Automatically extract tags based on the task name

Started by fireweed Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to invert your selection

Started by fireweed Web app0 comments

Export tasks to SQLite file

Started by prem18 Web app0 comments

Ability to share a list from the Settings screen

Started by heathweaver Web app0 comments

Develop natural language parsing for other languages

Started by orloffm Web app1 comment

Keyboard shortcut support for different languages and keyboards

Started by yurimalinov Web app4 comments

RSS feed of recent modifications to tasks

Started by jfiat Web app0 comments

Ability to limit search results (e.g. only show first 5 tasks)

Started by kendallbuchanan Web app3 comments

Support for Smart Add shortcuts for Japanese

Started by tositaka77 Web app0 comments

Show a random task

Started by pradery Web app3 comments

Ability to lock the number of times you're allowed to postpone a task

Started by wcitypoe Web app6 comments

Moleskine printing option

Started by we.kanes Web app0 comments

Fast switching between multiple Remember The Milk accounts

Started by nathanpeterson Web app0 comments

New search operator: numTags (to search for tasks with a specific number of tags)

Started by prem18 Web app0 comments

Support for case sensitive searches

Started by bzpilman Web app1 comment

Sort by random order

Started by trustin Web app2 comments

Customize app with own logo

Started by mcauser Web app5 comments