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Support for Growl reminders

Started by stephen.chai Reminders3 comments

Option to include tasks due tomorrow in the reminder email

Started by mbmccormick Reminders2 comments

Snooze option

Started by monkey.boy Reminders7 comments

Presence-aware reminders, e.g. IM if you're available, SMS if you're offline

Started by runar Reminders1 comment

Different reminder methods for daily versus due time reminders

Started by lethalrocks Reminders4 comments

Include links to 'complete' tasks in the reminder email

Started by jtgott Reminders1 comment

Option to send the weekly planner in a reminder email

Started by polrber182 Reminders11 comments

Add button to test reminders to mobile phone

Started by pekka.gaiser Reminders1 comment

Set rules for reminders (e.g., send to phone if priority 3, send to email if priority 2, etc)

Started by dmrosenthal Reminders7 comments

Ability to respond to IM reminders to complete, postpone, etc

Started by gms8994 Reminders5 comments

Option to show tasks separated by list in the reminder email

Started by parterburn Reminders9 comments

Get reminded via phone call

Started by elee Reminders3 comments

Snooze option via IM

Started by hershelsr Reminders5 comments

Option to auto-complete tasks after the reminder is delivered

Started by goyishekop Reminders6 comments

Take the time estimate into consideration when determining when to send the reminder

Started by houdw Reminders1 comment