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Ability to specify own SMS gateway

dsheardown says:

Hi guys,

I understand the reasons for free email to sms gateways for sure, although what would be great is like in zendesk (which I use for helpdesk), you can specify your own reminder gateway.. which in simple terms allows you to provide a service URL (in the case of SMS global which I use here in Australia) which is just a POST HTTPS address, and then the params (i.e. querystring values)... the zendesk system then maps the message to the specified querystring for the actual message - the rest of the querystring is in fact the login etc - HTTPS at least does something toward masking that.

Anyway, it would be a nice touch, because at the moment I have tried mBox.com.au to act as an email-sms gateway which is absolutely hopeless, and redcoal.net which works, but is darn expensive!

I can provide an example, or indeed you could check out zendesk.com (no, I don't work for them!) for the details on their reminders...

Hope you can help!

Posted at 4:34pm on July 29, 2009

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