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Sync with locations saved in 'My Maps' for Google Maps

Started by bjhexom New integrations4 comments

Android Wear support

Started by newmanwj New integrations4 comments

Ubuntu 12.10 Web App integration

Started by mark.a.hannon New integrations1 comment

Tag Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Presentations as tasks

Started by iharley New integrations10 comments

Pebble Time

Started by calexo New integrations2 comments

Chrome OS integration

Started by david.esposito1 New integrations0 comments

Add tasks via Google Talk

Started by mathieupolo New integrations7 comments

Alfred integration

Started by chris.calo New integrations3 comments

Apple Watch Integration

Started by eriddy New integrations3 comments

Amazon Echo Integration

Started by fdunayer New integrations0 comments

Pure Calendar Widget integration (Android)

Started by mickem New integrations8 comments

Google Apps integration

Started by fredrikl New integrations0 comments

RTM for the BlackBerry Remember app?

Started by dave.hong New integrations0 comments

Started by thomasghenry New integrations0 comments

Quick task add for Firefox

Started by cgfrost New integrations1 comment

Windows 7 desktop gadget

Started by crowe83 New integrations1 comment

Toggl integration

Started by amyr New integrations7 comments

Import contacts from Gmail

Started by davebc New integrations10 comments

Springpad integration

Started by ethan.roday New integrations5 comments

Mac OS X Services menu integration

Started by aleksi New integrations1 comment