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Dependent tasks

Started by michael.stewart Web app383 comments

Attachments for tasks

Started by ashiro Web app82 comments

Customize list (tab) colors

Started by pretendr Web app81 comments

Statistics on completed tasks

Started by ernfors Web app61 comments

Integrate 'A Bit Better RTM'

Started by jcassee Web app72 comments


Started by danielpataki Web app126 comments

Time tracking for tasks

Started by kdriscoll Web app75 comments

Calendar view

Started by chris.e Web app38 commentsAnswered

Add a 'waiting' status for tasks

Started by joheine Web app7 comments

Ability to edit task names inline (in the task list)

Started by lhenriquez Web app16 comments

Export tasks to CSV

Started by nickle Web app67 comments

Allow multiple locations for one task

Started by mahinirb Web app95 comments

Ability to postpone to the next working day

Started by margus.laak Web app8 comments

Floating tasks, i.e. if you don't complete the task on its due date, the due date automatically rolls onto the next day

Started by jamezzz Web app9 comments

Show a URL icon when a task has a URL

Started by ndurant Web app9 comments

Ability to modify one instance of a repeating task, without altering the rest (e.g. change priority on the first instance only)

Started by pstoffel Web app4 comments

Support for wildcards in searches

Started by johnfoland Web app33 comments

Option to hide the Sent list

Started by justin.baeder Web app80 comments

Show number of days remaining, in addition to the due date

Started by bob.cayne Web app1 comment

Make 'delete' a button instead of an option in 'more actions'

Started by krohn Web app2 comments