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Show a URL icon when a task has a URL

ndurant says:
I find the note icon in task lists very useful, so my eye easily sees which tasks have a note associated with them. It would be great if tasks had a URL icon also, to show there's a URL included. Several times now I've added a URL to a task, which points to relevant information I'll need when doing the task, and when I've come to act on the task I've overlooked the fact that there's a URL there...
Posted at 3:56pm on January 30, 2009
myroslav says:
I second the request, but will add that having icons (Note and URL) would help not only in primary UI, but in RTM Gmail Firefox extension and Gmail gadget.
Posted 7 years ago
goldant says:
Please add this? :D
Posted 4 years ago
hans.meine says:
yes, please (icon for tasks with URLs)! also, make sure the icon is a clickable direct link to the URL!
Posted 4 years ago
pigsign says:
Please add this. +1
Posted 4 years ago
menage says:
Yes - good idea. I currently put a + at the end of the task to remind me there's a URL or note to look at...
Posted 4 years ago
dgmckenna says:
Please add this. Adding URL's is great if you use gmail or any other webmail, or if you use google drive or other cloud storage.
Posted 3 years ago
shardvicens says:
+2 on this. If my description says something mundane, an actual instance is "advertising ideas" I think I was just trying to spark a brainstorming session. I almost deleted it because I since have done that many times, but it had an actual LINK to advertising ideas. This was on android. In the meantime, I'm going to figure out a way to search for urls and add notes to then or something. Wish me luck!
Posted 2 years ago
johnfoland says:
This would be really nice!
Posted 4 days ago
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