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Show a URL icon when a task has a URL

ndurant says:

I find the note icon in task lists very useful, so my eye easily sees which tasks have a note associated with them. It would be great if tasks had a URL icon also, to show there's a URL included. Several times now I've added a URL to a task, which points to relevant information I'll need when doing the task, and when I've come to act on the task I've overlooked the fact that there's a URL there...

Posted at 3:56pm on January 30, 2009

myroslav says:

I second the request, but will add that having icons (Note and URL) would help not only in primary UI, but in RTM Gmail Firefox extension and Gmail gadget.

Posted 4 years ago

goldant Pro says:

Please add this? :D

Posted 2 years ago

hans.meine says:

yes, please (icon for tasks with URLs)! also, make sure the icon is a clickable direct link to the URL!

Posted 2 years ago

pigsign says:

Please add this. +1

Posted 2 years ago

menage Pro says:

Yes - good idea. I currently put a + at the end of the task to remind me there's a URL or note to look at...

Posted 1 year ago

dgmckenna Pro says:

Please add this. Adding URL's is great if you use gmail or any other webmail, or if you use google drive or other cloud storage.

Posted 10 months ago

shardvicens Pro says:

+2 on this. If my description says something mundane, an actual instance is "advertising ideas" I think I was just trying to spark a brainstorming session. I almost deleted it because I since have done that many times, but it had an actual LINK to advertising ideas. This was on android. In the meantime, I'm going to figure out a way to search for urls and add notes to then or something. Wish me luck!

Posted 5 months ago

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