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Send reminders to everyone who shares a list

nikunj says:

Currently, if a List is shared between 2 or more users, only the person who creates a task in the list gets the reminders. Instead, both should get the reminders. This will be useful for spouses to create tasks for each other.

Posted at 6:58am on June 26, 2011

eydun says:


Posted 4 years ago

justinross24 says:

I agree; for use in business I would like to be able to share my tasks with my other employees and have them be "reminded" or know when a task has been loaded into the shared list.

Posted 4 years ago

mstrauser says:

I agree, this would be a very helpful feature

Posted 3 years ago

jen.mangan says:

yes, I want to share tasks with clients'

Posted 3 years ago

ruskityoma says:

I can't agree more. Collaboration is one of my primary uses of RTM. I need push notifications to all users of a list. +1

Posted 3 years ago

janvanderploeg Pro says:

This is why I pushed my wife to RTM. I hope reminders get implemented on individual shared tasks.

Posted 2 years ago

jeffhsu321 says:

This is a very important feature to add. I am aware that if I send a task from a shared list to someone else, it becomes their task and they will get a reminder (but I will cease to). The point of "sharing" a list and the tasks in it is that all who share the list own the tasks equally.

Posted 1 year ago

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