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Implement an affiliate program

jbigelow says:

I saw that there was already a thread about this but was never followed up on and auto closed due to lack of a response (http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/help/5332/) but I still think it would be a good idea.

Implement a referral (affiliate) program so that when a user referrers another user and they sign up for the Pro version of RTM the referring user gets a small "finders fee" of a few dollars. It doesn't have to be much but it may increase the number of evangelizers beyond those that already recommend the system.

Just a thought.

Posted at 4:35am on May 6, 2010

mike.nash says:

Yeah an affiliate program would be huge for RTM!

Posted 4 years ago

dobersch says:

I strongly second that request.

Posted 4 years ago

jim.paton says:

Instead of cash, how about an extension to your own pro account - i.e. if you refer someone and they sign up for a pro account, you get a 1 month extension on the expiry date for your own...

Posted 3 years ago

julie.jacksonforsberg Pro says:

It's true that RTM should use the power of evangelist users. Affiliate reward program or not, I would be happy to add a clickable tag to my blogs to promote RTM.

Posted 3 years ago

kwilson2 says:

Why would anyone thumbs this down? It's a wonderful idea, pro extension or cash I'm all for it!

Posted 2 years ago

jeff.hadley Pro says:

Yes... us loyal users know how great your service is... and want to promote it especially if offered a commission for pro accounts purchased by people who we refer.... but "a few dollars"!? Other programs offer as much as 50% or more (and generally no less than 10%), and for the lifetime of a given person's subscription.

Posted 2 years ago

jeff.hadley Pro says:

You could even go crazy and offer a 2-tiered program (that some companies do) in which we earn a smaller commission when those who we refer, then end up referring other paying customers.

Posted 2 years ago

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