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Bob T. Monkey tests Remember The Milk

Help us test pre-release features!

As a member of the Pro Tester Program (or PTP for short), you'll be given access to pre-release versions of new Remember The Milk features to try out. We'll invite you to provide feedback on these new features, as well as help us by reporting any problems that you encounter. To join the program, you'll need:

  1. A Remember The Milk Pro account (the "Pro" bit of "Pro Tester Program").
  2. The ability to keep a secret (you'll be testing features that aren't available to the public yet!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when there's a new feature available to test?
We'll email you at the address listed in your Remember The Milk account (you can update this on the Settings screen).

Will every new feature be included in the Pro Tester Program?
Maybe not every new feature, but anything that we need help with testing!

Is there any way I can participate without having a Pro account?
Sorry, you need to have a current Pro account to join the Pro Tester Program.

You're kidding about that keeping a secret thing, right?
Nope, not kidding! You'll be testing pre-release versions of new features (i.e. ones that aren't available to everyone else yet), so we do ask that you treat anything you see as confidential.

So what kind of stuff will I be testing?
That's a secret. ;) No seriously, it could be anything from new features in the main web application, to desktop software, to mobile software, to new interfaces to Remember The Milk (see the Services page for examples of features we've launched in the past). Just about anything really!

Will I be invited to test every new feature that's included in the Pro Tester Program?
We'll look for matches with your Pro Tester Program profile. If we need testers for a new feature that only works in Browser X or on Mobile Device Y, we'll only contact you if your profile indicates that you use that particular browser or mobile device. So, keep your profile up to date! :) For some features, there may also be a limit on the number of testers that we can handle. In this case, we'll randomly select users to participate in testing; we'll try to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate in as many tests of new features as possible.