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MilkSync for Windows Mobile is an application that synchronizes Remember The Milk with the built-in Tasks application on your Smartphone or PocketPC device. Features include:

MilkSync for Windows Mobile

The application is currently available in English and Japanese.

Download MilkSync for Windows Mobile

There is a 15 day free trial, which begins the first time you synchronize with MilkSync.

Version: 1.0 Released: 17 Sep 2007
Version: 1.0 Released: 17 Sep 2007

Installing MilkSync for Windows Mobile

There are two ways that you can install MilkSync for Windows Mobile, so choose the method that's most convenient for you.

Installing from a desktop computer

In the 'Downloads' section above, choose the appropriate edition for your device. Download and run the file on your computer. The setup process will automatically install MilkSync on your Windows Mobile device (Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2 or later required).

Installing directly onto the device ("over the air")

Using the web browser on your device, navigate to and follow the prompts to download the .cab file. This file can be installed directly onto your device.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which version of the Windows Mobile operating system do I need?

You'll need Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 or 6. Windows Mobile 2003 or earlier is not currently supported (please let us know if you'd like to see support for 2003).

2. I use a proxy to connect to the Internet. Does MilkSync for Windows Mobile work with proxies?

Sorry, MilkSync for Windows Mobile does not yet support connecting through proxy servers.

3. Do I need a data plan with my mobile provider?

Yes, a data plan is required for over-the-air syncing. Please check with your mobile provider to determine applicable data charges.

4. I don't have a Pro account yet. Is a trial available?

Yes! You can try it free for 15 days without a Pro account (your trial begins the first time you synchronize with MilkSync). After the trial, you can upgrade to Pro to continue using MilkSync. Note: You should take advantage of the trial to make sure that MilkSync works with your device and connection, as Pro accounts are non-refundable.

5. Can I use other synchronization software as well as MilkSync for Windows Mobile?

Due to incompatibilities between some synchronization applications, we strongly advise that you fully uninstall any other synchronization products before downloading and installing MilkSync (ActiveSync excluded).

Using the application

1. How do I access my tasks on my Windows Mobile device?

MilkSync for Windows Mobile syncs with the task application that is provided with Windows Mobile. You can find the Tasks application in Programs. When you sync with MilkSync, your tasks will appear in this application. Any changes that you make to your tasks using this application will be made in Remember The Milk once you sync with MilkSync.

2. How often does MilkSync for Windows Mobile sync with Remember The Milk?

By default, the application is set to Manual Sync. However, you can change to a scheduled sync by clicking on Menu then Sync Settings. You can set MilkSync to automatically synchronize with RTM in the background (e.g., every 15 min or every hour). You can also to choose to automatically sync whenever your device is placed in its cradle.

Synchronizing tasks

1. Which task properties will be synchronized when using MilkSync for Windows Mobile?

The following task properties will synchronize between the Windows Mobile Tasks application and Remember The Milk, using MilkSync (i.e., any changes made to these properties will be reflected both on the device and in RTM): task name, priority, due date, recurrence, notes, and category (known as list name in RTM). Note: Windows Mobile only has 3 priority levels, whereas RTM has 4 (so both priority '3' and 'no priority' will show as 'low priority' in Windows Mobile). In addition, Windows Mobile does not support due dates with times (only dates).

2. Which task properties will not be synchronized when using MilkSync for Windows Mobile?

Remember The Milk does not support the following task properties, so they will not synchronize if changed on your device: status, start date, sensitivity, and alarm. Windows Mobile does not support the following task properties, so they will not appear on your device when syncing with RTM: tags, time estimate, location, URL, and sharing information. In addition, Windows Mobile does not support filtering by Smart List.

3. How does task deletion work with synchronization?

Be very careful deleting tasks. Please remember that if you delete tasks on your device and then synchronize with Remember The Milk, the tasks you deleted on your device will also be permanently deleted from your RTM account (and vice versa).

4. How do I choose which Remember The Milk lists to sync with the device?

To set your sync preferences, go to the Settings screen, and then click on the Sync tab.

Sync Settings

If you choose to synchronize specific lists only, next click on the Lists tab. Click on a list to change its sync setting, then click Add next to the sync details.

List Settings


The MilkSync for Windows Mobile client software is licensed under the GPL license. For source downloads, please go here.