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Remember The Milk gadget

The Remember The Milk Gmail gadget allows you to manage your tasks in Gmail:

With the "quick add" feature, you can easily add tasks:

Quick add

You can add tasks like:

Pick up the milk

Call Lizzie at 9am tomorrow

Return library books in 2 weeks

You can use the Smart Add syntax to specify additional task properties.

Take out the trash Monday at 8pm *weekly #errand

Adding to Gmail

Please note: The gadget requires Gmail Labs.

1. In Gmail, go to Settings then the Labs tab. Find "Add any gadget by URL" and make sure it's enabled, then press Save Changes.

Step 1

2. Still in Settings in Gmail, go to the Gadgets tab. Copy and paste the following URL into the "Add a gadget by its URL" field. Press Add.


Step 2