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How much does it cost?

Remember The Milk will always have free accounts available. You can upgrade to a Pro account for only $25 for a year, and receive a bunch of extra benefits. Here's a quick rundown of the differences between accounts:

Free accounts

Pro accounts

  • Unlimited sync with Remember The Milk online, whether you use our Android, iPhone, iPad, or BlackBerry 10 apps—or all four!
  • Reminders pushed instantly to your phone or tablet.
  • Badges and widgets on your mobile device, so you always know how many tasks are due. (Widgets are Android only.)
  • Sync with Microsoft Outlook with MilkSync.
  • Double votes when you vote on product ideas in our forums.
  • Early access to new features with our tester program.
  • Priority support via email.

With a Pro account, you'll also be supporting us in our continued development of Remember The Milk (plus you'll make Bob happy!).

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