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Repeat after the next week day...

matthew.bassett Pro says:

I recently discovered that you can give a day name when specifying 'after' for repeat, for example:

Vacuum *after sunday

The effect of this is that regardless of when you complete the task, it will next be scheduled for the next available sunday.

I use this to maintain my housework routine. For example: I have a task to remind me to vacuum the house every Sunday, but I am not always there at the weekend so sometimes end up vacuuming later in the week-- but when I complete the task I want it to go to the next available Sunday, and not to 1 week after I complete it (which could be any day of the week).

Posted at 10:25am on May 10, 2013

matthew.bassett Pro says:

Also discovered the following-- you can give more than 1 day name, e.g.:

Laundry *after monday, wednesday, friday

Or for something that needs to repeat every weekday, but not weekends, you can just say 'weekday'

Clean email inbox *after weekday

(discovered this one by accident when asking something to repeat after monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and it was automatically converted to weekday for me...)

Posted 11 months ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Matthew,

Nice use of repeats!

You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)

Posted 9 months ago

kthdsn Pro says:

Most helpful thing ever, thanks!

Posted 9 months ago

freeminder Pro says:

Nice tip indeed, thank you!
But would be even better if note loss issue was fixed for "repeat after" tasks :)

Posted 9 months ago

robert.ward Pro says:

Is there a way to use this but for two weeks out? For example I don't want to Vacuum every week, just every two weeks on Saturday.

Posted 9 months ago

patchouli_grl says:

Great tip! Definitely one I didn't know about and can certainly use. Thanks!

Posted 9 months ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi robert.ward,
For 2 weeks out, try using after 2nd Saturday. This means, "not the upcoming Saturday, but the next one."

Hope this helps!

Posted 9 months ago

echarles Pro says:

Very nice! That will definitely be useful for some of mine where the actual getting done day is a bit flexible.

Posted 9 months ago

kirsten.miller Pro says:

another way to get the same result is *after 14 days. It works great for seasonal and monthly tasks. :)

Posted 9 months ago

kunal.n.bhatia Pro says:

In this case, wouldn't the behaviour be same if Repeat was set to "Every Sunday" ?

If I understand correctly, "Repeat after" creates a new task from the day the previous one was completed. While "Repeat every" creates a new task irrespective of whether the previous one was competed.

To illustrate - if a task is created on the 7th and the aim is to repeat it weekly; and the first week's task is completed on the 10th then:
-- "Repeat every week" would create a new task for 14th, 21st, 28th and so on, irrespective of the day when these tasks were completed (which maybe on the 10th, 18th, 22nd / whenever)
-- Where as "Repeat after one week" would create a new task only after the previous one was completed. So once the task is completed on the 10th, the next one gets scheduled for the 17th.

Isn't that right ?

Posted 8 months ago

osarjeant Pro says:

After won't create the second instance until the first one is complete. It also, won't copy notes over. It's a small difference from every.

Posted 7 months ago

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