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Checklist where to you the same set of tasks to each item

theegooch says:

I think it's called the factory model, where you have a set of items and perform several operations on each item, like say you have some car parts, you cut them, buff them, and the coat them with a sealant.

Let say I have 20 parts and need to do those things to each one.

What would be a good app of keeping track of each item and how far along I am with completing the tasks on each one?

Can I do this with RTM?

Posted at 2:49am on April 16, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi theegooch,
One way to do this may be to use something similar to a travel checklist.

For each part, you could duplicate the necessary steps and then tag them all at once so you know which part they belong to.

Hope this helps!

Posted 12 months ago

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