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Springpad integration

Started by ethan.roday New integrations5 comments

Option to share the priority on shared tasks

Started by josh.bluestein Web app3 comments

Ability to edit rich text notes

Started by charlie.fink iPhone app0 comments

Ability to keep tags inline in list name (e.g., 'Call #Dave')

Started by justlikegeorge Web app0 comments

Option to order completed by priority

Started by jlous Android app1 comment

Add location field

Started by flipstu Bookmarklet0 comments

Option to hide list and tags when browsing tasks in a list

Started by ernfors iPhone app0 comments

Hide 'Sent' items from the Today list

Started by valorin Android app0 comments

Add a 'Web App' forum

Started by weirdhero General0 comments

Eisenhower-Matrix view

Started by arniswiss Web app3 comments

Show the total time estimated for completed tasks

Started by guryushika Web app2 comments

Exchange/ActiveSync Synchronization

Started by adotson New integrations1 comment

Implement black (or white) lists for task email senders

Started by mchojrin Email0 comments

Ability to close task detail window in landscape mode

Started by jonathan.decolaines iPad app1 comment

Mac OS X Services menu integration

Started by aleksi New integrations1 comment

Remove the list name shown on every task

Started by rrrichard Android app1 comment

Option to keep completed tasks in the list for 24 hours

Started by finnern Web app1 comment

Add button to test reminders to mobile phone

Started by pekka.gaiser Reminders1 comment

Firefox add-on for managing tasks

Started by carib New integrations4 comments

Ability to switch between multiple Remember The Milk accounts

Started by michael.mccusker iPad app5 comments