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Weather forecast integration

Started by max.illis Reminders1 comment

Not show black and white print option *every* time

Started by marksund Web app0 comments

Connect tasks with events/contacts without using keywords

Started by spacevulture Gmail add-on0 comments

Ability to search forum message body as well as topic title

Started by graham.reeds General3 comments

Option to search both the forums and blog

Started by angela.randall General6 comments


Started by robfreundlich New integrations0 comments

Enable QR/Barcode reading for Quick-Add Field

Started by dennis.mb Android app1 comment

More custom notification sounds

Started by paul.beattie iPhone app3 comments

Support for wiki-like markup in notes

Started by chris.hancock Web app0 comments

Option to move gadget to the right of Gmail

Started by fleebailey33 Gmail gadget1 comment

In the advanced search form, include archived and Smart Lists in the 'Search' dropdown

Started by robin.pelham Web app0 comments

Option to include alarms in the iCalendar feed

Started by pfeff Web app10 comments

iPhone Multiple Line Task Names

Started by moheybee 0 comments

'Inbox' Link at main menu-iPhone

Started by lightstorm 2 comments

Multiple Accounts / Fast Switching

Started by rwilsoncla New integrations0 comments

Ability to specify the timezone for a task

Started by david.hausheer Web app4 comments

Want Reenie Beanie back

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Printable lists from iPhone (and other mobile apps)

Started by itzg iPhone app2 comments

Import contacts from Gmail

Started by davebc New integrations10 comments

30/30 Intergration

Started by wilsontang New integrations0 comments