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More custom notification sounds

paul.beattie says:

The default alert sound is too confusing with a text message, it leaves me wondering what went off. Perhaps improving and expanding custom sounds would be better.

I'd LOVE a better MOOOO! Maybe even a real one, that said it might be hard to get a cow into a recording studio…

Posted at 12:09am on January 31, 2010

fdebruin says:

I voted yes for this. My wife uses RTM too (in fact, she was first) and I foresee difficulties separating one Moo from the other.

Posted 3 years ago

moosa4all says:

I am so happy to use remember the milk
the most important think is the easy way to sync with computer

Posted 3 years ago

kane.sun says:

please add this feature...

Posted 2 years ago

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