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Remove the toast notification messages, or make an option

Started by inversion Android app0 comments

Import Google / Facebook contacts

Started by giulio.folino New integrations0 comments

Gnome Evolution integration

Started by jjgpbox New integrations0 comments

New search operators: isListed and isSmartLIsted

Started by denis.garci Web app0 comments

Support for standard signature delimiter

Started by ofaurax Email0 comments

Detect context by SSID

Started by ben.wainwright Web app1 comment

Set a task to 'expire' a certain amount of time after it's due

Started by matthew.burlew Android app1 comment

Add tasks by SMS

Started by michaelcaruso New integrations9 commentsAnswered

Add a 'description' field for tags

Started by avbudin Web app0 comments

Google Desktop gadget

Started by jim New integrations142 comments

Support for sharedWith:groupname search

Started by bliemli Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to switch to completed view

Started by tahudson Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcuts

Started by mcipold Android app2 comments

Assign points to tasks

Started by vagabond99 Web app8 comments

Search tasks via Twitter

Started by vergenzt Twitter0 comments

Implement ViewPager for screen switching

Started by beny Android app2 comments

Vlingo integration

Started by arhoover New integrations2 comments

New due date format: fortnight

Started by milkman.shawn Web app0 comments

Notes feature (for notes that aren't related to tasks)

Started by karimckay Web app4 comments

A positive sound (moo?) when a task is checked off as complete

Started by dragonlady9256 Web app3 comments