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Add 'completedBy' to search operators (e.g. 'completedBy:user')

Started by bunchbob Web app0 comments

Auto-correction of mistyped priorities with Smart Add

Started by michael.stainthorpe Web app0 comments

Ability to create a new list using Smart Add

Started by john.a.hyland Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to select the last created task

Started by trikyguy Web app3 comments

Automatically add people who accept invites to contacts

Started by bryce.schober Web app1 comment

Ability to customize whether lists and locations are shown in the task cloud

Started by reactor5 Web app0 comments

Don't delete the contents of the "Add new task" bar when the user presses Escape

Started by topher200 Web app0 comments

Show the total time estimated for completed tasks

Started by guryushika Web app1 comment

Ability to 'archive' a task

Started by sthurn Web app1 comment

Ability to 'watch' tasks

Started by klaus.riedinger Web app0 comments

Include locations in the print view

Started by zoresvit Web app0 comments

Add a 'time spent' field

Started by jackforester Web app2 comments

Eisenhower-Matrix view

Started by arniswiss Web app2 comments

Paginate the completed tasks view

Started by yosri Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for sharing a task

Started by bdoherty Web app0 comments

New search operator: Interface where task was added (e.g., 'web', 'android', 'iphone')

Started by wcitypoe Web app0 comments

Option to keep completed tasks in the list for 24 hours

Started by finnern Web app1 comment

Ability to add tags on the Settings screen

Started by jennifer.byrne Web app0 comments

Place to jot down random notes

Started by doris.houng Web app4 comments

Option to automatically delete tasks after completion

Started by msurtees Web app2 comments