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Option to disable keyboard shortcuts

Started by igorrs Web app4 comments

Add tasks by voice in Chrome

Started by robertvanbregt Web app1 comment

Add a 'business hours' field for locations

Started by alice.carback Web app2 comments

Option to login from the 'no published lists' page

Started by whalford Web app1 comment

Option to disable wrapping when navigating a list with the keyboard shortcuts (when you reach the bottom, don't jump back to the top again)

Started by jumpfroggy Web app0 comments

Add a 'cost' field for tasks

Started by freesia.giedrys Web app5 comments

Rotating task owner

Started by jassnip Web app0 comments

Ability to independently rename shared tasks

Started by cheeseslope Web app1 comment

iCalendar (Events) feed for completed tasks

Started by ddosen Web app7 comments

Franklin Covey style alpha-numeric priorities

Started by peter.edwards Web app9 comments

Support for Textile in notes

Started by bsolon Web app7 comments

Invite Gmail contacts to join Remember The Milk

Started by kennyeni Web app0 comments

Prioritize based on factors like how complicated the task is, and how much time it will take

Started by ascaaear Web app14 comments

RSS feeds for Overview tabs

Started by buro9 Web app3 comments

Option to hide unused properties in the Atom feed

Started by tomdesp Web app0 comments

Planning binder printing option

Started by brent.hohlweg Web app3 comments

Option to reopen the 'key' (help box)

Started by mtav Web app5 comments

Ability to set own website authentication policy

Started by jorhett Web app1 comment

Allow reserved punctuation characters in tag names

Started by jplemme Web app1 comment

Include tags in the category field for Atom feeds

Started by tsasaki Web app0 comments