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Search in the Add a task... field

Started by shardvicens Web app0 comments

Postpone up to 6 days

Started by faustus23 Web app1 comment

Quick Filters for (smart) Lists (like JIRA)

Started by ecmnk Web app0 comments

Keeping Desktop notifications enabled when switching default browser.

Started by jamesr404 Web app0 comments

Repeat after shorter durations

Started by tacitdynamite Web app0 comments

Set task priorities properly

Started by rozziecole Web app0 comments

Choose daily digest type

Started by opuntia2 Web app0 comments

Roll up dates to parent task

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

Main task due date equals last due date of subtasks

Started by jryager Web app0 comments

add delete button

Started by catfishtpa Web app0 comments

Sort by Duration

Started by vinit.shah Web app1 comment

Put "All", "Today," "Tomorrow" tabs on Tasks page

Started by rnowling Web app0 comments

Larger field for renaming tasks

Started by akimbo Web app6 comments

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Started by vt Web app2 comments

Change your default list based on time (e.g. automatically switch between home and work lists)

Started by wcitypoe Web app4 comments

Option to automatically select newly added tasks

Started by captaincampari Web app0 comments

Drop down button

Started by kieran.ross Web app0 comments

Ability to choose multiple list and tags at once

Started by opuntia2 Web app0 comments

Notify on note

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

Show all notes in a list

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments