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Quick Add for Mac

Started by chan5harish New apps0 comments

Don't keep asking me to login on the desktop app

Started by porum New apps1 comment

Windows 10 app

Started by davehongco New apps9 comments

Windows Phone 8 app

Started by shalgrim New apps54 comments

Windows 8 app

Started by amirmasoudabdol New apps137 comments

Linux desktop app

Started by thedoson New apps10 comments

Kindle app

Started by mswainston New apps4 comments

BlackBerry PlayBook app

Started by willw New apps33 comments

MilkSync for Outlook 2011 for Mac

Started by tomeppy New apps68 commentsAnswered

MilkSync for Windows Phone 7

Started by colin.mattholie New apps17 comments

Bada app

Started by mufakir New apps15 comments

Windows Phone 7 app

Started by olegka New apps69 comments

Maemo app

Started by shahin.sahraei New apps26 comments

Nintendo DSiWare app

Started by eman717 New apps2 comments

webOS app

Started by i_dave New apps263 comments

Symbian app

Started by marcelomanzo New apps752 comments

BlackBerry app (for OS prior to BlackBerry 10)

Started by brobinson2102 New apps190 commentsAnswered

Mac OS X desktop app

Started by endlessemergency New apps297 comments

Adobe Air app

Started by bardic.knowledge New apps27 comments

Desktop app

Started by benpage26 New apps17 comments