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Support for !0 and ^never in Smart Add

sickanimations says:
Sometimes I want no priority and no due date, however I can't use these commands on the iPhone app.

When I use "!0" and "^never" on the web or in the iPapp they appear as part of the name.

Since 0 priority is valid and "Never" due is valid, perhaps the commands "!0" and "^never" should also be considered valid :)
Posted at 8:53am on February 9, 2010
davidscottweaver says:
I believe the syntax is priority:none, but regardless if you just leave those out the task should default to no priority or due date.
Posted 6 years ago
davidscottweaver says:
By the way, I just noticed you're talking about the iPhone app. You have to change the settings so that tasks default with no due date. By default the app comes with it set to due today.
Posted 6 years ago
sickanimations says:
davidscottweaver: It's true that the priority defaults to "0". I don't understand why the command is "priority:none" when the others use "!#".

When using what I'll call the "quickadd box" on the iPapp, the due date certainly is not infuenced by the default date.

When adding tasks by tapping "+" then yes, the default due date is used.

Defaults aside, the command for "never due" should exist and I think the "no priority" command should be more consistent with the others.

Thanks :)
Posted 5 years ago
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