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Swipe left and right to change list (while in task list view)

hagglelad says:


I use quite a few different lists and I currently find it a pain to switch lists as it takes 4 steps (Menu, Views, Lists, ).

Would it be possible to add a feature which enables the user to swipe through their lists from left to right? This would make my Android RTM experience 200% better and 400% faster.

Would welcome any other users opinions also.


Posted at 9:39am on January 13, 2010

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

You can swipe left and right to switch between main screens (Today, Tomorrow, Lists, Nearby, etc.). Hope this helps!

Posted 5 years ago

hheimbuerger says:

This was my idea on the topic. I'm not sure devs are reading this forum for suggestions, I guess I'll submit it via their bug tracker eventually.

Posted 5 years ago

hagglelad says:


Thanks for your reply, good to know that my suggestion has been acknowledged however you have slightly misunderstood my idea.

You are correct you can swipe thru the following:

Today - Tommorow - This Week - Lists - Tags - Locations

However, if you actually select a specific list from the "Lists" page/view, you CANNOT then swipe left and right to change to a different list.

For example, one might have the following custom lists:

"Work To Do" - "Home To Do" - "Films To Get" - "Music To Get"

When looking at the "Home To Do" list I would like to be able to swipe right to view the "Work To Do" or swipe left to view the "Films To Get" etc.

NOTE ALSO: the current left-to-right swiping 'animation' is wrong, the screen moves from right-to-left. I expect this has probably already been pointed out but thought I'd mention in case it hadn't.


Posted 5 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

hagglelad, I understood that from your post; I was just pointing out what's currently already supported. :)

Posted 5 years ago

fjauretche says:

I like this idea and think it would be killer to be able to swipe where you want to go quickly.

I think the ultimate would be to define which screens you swipe through and in what order that works best for you. I don't use tags and locations so I would remove them. If it was user defined (and included individual lists as options) then hagglelad could pick those lists to swipe to in the order he/she wants to view them.

Posted 5 years ago

sylviavas Pro says:

Absolutely love fjauretche's idea of defining the lists that you swipe through. That would be so awesome.

Posted 5 years ago

neilcoleman says:

yes, more swipe navigation would be great

Posted 3 years ago

woodwind says:

Yes: Today->tomorrow->this week ->customized list.

Posted 3 years ago

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