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Show tags in task list

rodlynn says:

When viewing the list of tasks, I would like to see the tag (if tagged) to be shown to the right of the task itself in grey lettering for eg.

RTM kicks ass btw.


Posted at 11:58pm on March 18, 2006

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

You can now see tags in your lists; please see our blog post.

Posted 8 years ago

norz says:

I'd like that too. :)

Also: can we vote for ideas already suggested by other users? (like on digg?)

Thanks for your great service! :)

Posted 9 years ago

anicolas says:

And it could be usefull to have the tag navigation block that is on the home page on every list pages...

Posted 9 years ago

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