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Support for different Gmail themes

subatomiq says:

I love this plugin - it has become an essential part of gmail for me..
however i use a dark gmail theme and the following cosmetic issues really spoil the point of having a skin other than default - when one small section of your otherwise dark page is bright white/light blue, it is rather distracting.. Any chance of proper support for gmail themes?

- "Next Week" and "Later" Combo boxes do not change colour when using *any* custom gmail theme (they stay light blue)

- also the "Options" and "Refresh" Links at the bottom of the plugin remain blue regardless of the custom theme link colour

- the panel that comes up on mouseover doesnt respond to/change with gmail themes at all

Posted at 3:40am on March 5, 2009

chrisshaffer says:

I also have a problem with the skin - it places a vertical white dividing line down the side of the window. See http://gesserit.net/chris/rtm.png

Posted 6 years ago

chrisshaffer says:

Ah, nevermind, I switched to the Google Labs gadget, which I like much better with the placement on the left sidebar.

Posted 6 years ago

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