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List-specific email addresses

p.dade says:

Is it possible to automatically create different email addresses for posting tasks to seperate lists, for example, username+listname@rmilk.com. This would remove the need to include the list name in the body of the email address.

I would find this extremely useful for project related tasks as this email address could be given to clients/colleagues to report bugs for fixing quickly and effficiently.

Posted at 10:25pm on January 13, 2009

raybooysen says:

Would love this please. :)

Posted 4 years ago

jesse.heitler Pro says:

This would be super helpful. It solves the ANNOYING problem of getting emails into RTM for my my inbox zero/GTD setup. To work efficiently I'd like to be able to construct a different email addresses for each tag/list combo that I use to stay organized.

Ideally it would allow for the full (or most of) the RTM task syntax. I'd use this by creating email aliaises for the different list and tag combinations that I use to organize myself.

This feature would give RTM users functionality like http://www.followup.cc/tour.php which would be a big win!

The "plus" syntax that p.dade suggest is a semi-standard way of extending email addresses. For example, gmail supports it: http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/2-hidden-ways-to-get-more-from-your.html

Posted 4 years ago

bjoern.starr says:

This would be very helpfull Indeed. I would like to get my work related reminders (work list) sent to my work e-mail adress and my private reminders to my private e-mail adress

Posted 3 years ago

isaacab Pro says:

This would be so helpful!

Posted 2 years ago

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