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Ability to postpone to the next working day

margus.laak says:

Recently I have began to miss a feature that would make the task jump to Monday from Friday. It is not fair to postpone the task 3 times instead of one as that will mess up the statistics. Also it is uncomfortable to postpone and then change the date.

I'd like to use the feature only for work related tasks. Maybe make the lists configurable or maybe have a special "workday postpone" button.

Then, it would also be cool for the system to know local public holidays:)

Posted at 10:21am on September 5, 2008

apgordon says:

Definitely! +1, with enthusiasm! This has always bothered me, but I never thought to suggest the change - thanks!

Posted 7 years ago

mattisking says:

I would really like to see this as well. I am faced with this quite a bit.

Posted 7 years ago

andi.peh says:

another +1

to both. the postpone button from friday to monday on work related list
and to the local public holidays!

i am very new it ot. but i like this service very much! keep the good work up.

Posted 7 years ago

wendyjadewong says:

I'd like to see this for work-related tasks as well!

Posted 7 years ago

littlewing1112 says:


Posted 4 years ago

jebrau says:


Posted 4 years ago

benjamin.jung82 Pro says:


Posted 3 years ago

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