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Drag and drop to move tasks to another list

manoj.chugh says:


This is a great service and improving on regular basis. I do not know if anyone else feels the same way but I think having some way to move tasks between lists will be great.

e.g. If I have a list for my name and my wife has another list, I would like to drag and drop some things from my list to her list etc....

Posted at 2:09pm on January 13, 2006

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

You can move tasks to different lists (although it's not drag and drop) -- quick instructions are here.

Hope this helps!

Posted 9 years ago

manoj.chugh says:

Thanks Emily, I may have missed that out.

However I would still stick to drag-drop suggestion being more user friendly.

Posted 9 years ago

pmasquel says:

I agree - From my perspective drag and drop could really help improve ease of use in the following ways:

(1) moving items from one list to another (easier than selecting and then using a drop down)

(2) re-sequencing my lists (if I don't want them arranged alphabetically, I could drag my most important list to the first position

(3) due dates (I think I saw this on another forum discussion) - having a calendar to drag to-do's to ("I don't think I can get that item done today, so I'd drag it to Monday, and it would not be on my today list until Monday")

(4) other attributes - I could have a list of tags and priorities, and drag to-do items to the attributes that I want that to-do to have assigned.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Posted 9 years ago

paddyinhr says:

I really second the motion on drag-and-drop resequencing. It's a big way I use task lists. I like to constantly rearrange them, so that priority is determined more by top to bottom sequence than a specific priority setting, though it would be ideal to have the option of drag and drop *within* a priority. So I could easily reshuffle my Pri 1 tasks, then my Pri 2 tasks, or have the option of just shuffling across priorities.

Posted 9 years ago

evan.leonard says:

@pmasquel Yes! (1) and (2) are exactly what I want after using RTM for my first day. Please consider adding these.
Thanks for the great software!

Posted 7 years ago

finny388 says:

drag task to another list: yes! great idea!

Posted 7 years ago

marcel.spitau says:

draggin task to other lists would be a charme

Posted 7 years ago

jeminar says:

...or as a quick and temporary fix, make the drop down list on Actions longer so that you dont' have to scroll to get to your lists.

Posted 7 years ago

vanilla8 says:

Doesn't this kind of feature lend itself better to a desktop application? I previously played around with THINGS from Cultured Code that also has a native iPhone version, though sadly/criminally not synced together. The interface is really nice with drag & drop functionality etc. as you have so much more flexibility in designing for a standalone tool rather than a totally web-based tool. In the end I couldnt get my head around the lack of syncing and some annoying bugs in what is currently an Alpha product, which led me back to RTM.

I would keep the existing website service as a free service and provide a feature rich, intuitive GUI-based desktop app as a paid-for tool and a native iPhone app - also paid-for - all of whom could sync with each other.

Posted 7 years ago

ian.hovander says:

I agree! Drag and drop between lists would be great.

Posted 7 years ago

sonjad says:

to vanilla: No I don't think this lends itself better to a desktop application. With the rise of RIA's you actually see more and more desktop applications becoming internet applications. It is also already possible to do this.

Something else I'd like to drag and drop: The order in which lists appear. My 'personal' list is now stuk in the middle between my daily, and my projects, while I'd like them somewhere else.

Posted 6 years ago

mollyng says:

must have 'drag & drop. I need 'drag & drop' feature.

Posted 6 years ago

acorn says:

another vote for drag & drop moving from one list to another. really essential as I use RTM for GTD so am on it all day long.

Posted 6 years ago

al.pendergrass Pro says:

And another for drag and drop...

Posted 6 years ago

darcy.sharman says:

...and yet one more! Drag-and-drop between lists would be an EXCELLENT addition. Either that or keyboard shortcuts to assign tasks to a list...

Posted 6 years ago

jkwaza says:

drag and drop please.

Posted 6 years ago

dki says:

another drag and drop vote

Posted 6 years ago

mjschuster says:

Drag & Drop from one list to another was one of the first things I tried out by intuition and I was somehow disappointed that it didn't work. It would be really a great improvement!

Posted 6 years ago

danishkirel says:

Like mjschuster one of the first thing I tried was dragging a task from the Inbox to another List. Please implement that feature!

Posted 6 years ago

haylo75 Pro says:

I'm throwing in my vote for a drag and drop between lists feature. I make heavy use of the built-in priority system, so I'm not looking for a list reordering drag and drop, rather a list to list drag and drop. I have a number of smartlists, so being able to drag and drop between smartlists would be essential. I can see how on the back end that would be a challenge, however!

Posted 6 years ago

bighaugs says:

Yup, this ought to be done. In general, with a Web 2.0 app like this one, you just expect AJAXy goodness that allows quick dragging and dropping.

This should be true for moving tasks between lists, fer sure. But it also ought to be true for tagging tasks. Put all my tags out to the right, and let me drag the tag onto the task for quick categorization.

Posted 6 years ago

jgbrenner says:

RTM team - thanks again for this wonderful service. I second, third and nth pleas for drag and drop - please add drag and drop among lists, and within lists to allow easy reordering.

Posted 6 years ago

jille.floridor says:

Having drag & drop would be very nice, expecially if you could see multiple lists with their tasks next to each other. Select a few lists and arrange the tasks. I'm trying to write something like that myself, but I don't have a lot of free time...

Posted 6 years ago

mahinirb says:

great idea -- though I doubt it happens any time soon. RTM sadly seems 100% focused on interactivity with platforms, and has stopped improvements on the core app itself. just scroll down the blog -- every improvement has to do with iPhone, gmail, Chrome, Friefox extensions, etc.

Posted 6 years ago

rastabob says:

it is the one feature that stops me from using RTM on a daily basis

Posted 6 years ago

mayberrypie says:

I am a new user and think RTM is great except for the lack of this feature - I would really like to be able to change the ordering of tasks with the same priority via drag-and-drop! I note the last post was 5 months ago and the request has been going for even longer than that - I really hope this feature can be added soon. thanks

Posted 6 years ago

getfamous says:

Another vote for drag and drop. I love RTM, and it seems that the interface is it's only drawback. No bad, just a little clunky. Drag and drop would be an improvement.

Posted 6 years ago

phegaro says:

Would love to have this feature as well

Posted 6 years ago

javier.morellc says:

I´d like to drag and drop tags also.

Posted 6 years ago

matthew.boatman says:

If you wanted you could start by implementing dragging for the iPhone app to prioritize items. (please)

But I would also love to be able to Drag & Drop on the web. Maybe HTML 5 will help out. http://decafbad.com/blog/2009/07/15/html5-drag-and-drop

Keep up the good work.

Posted 5 years ago

gekko15 says:

I would also like add my request for this feature. Dragging wil greatly improve the ease of use of RTM.

Posted 5 years ago

mkamp says:

Pretty please.

Posted 5 years ago

leah.shalomPower Poster says:


If you use Firefox (mac or PC) you can use a script which allows drag and drop. Please see https://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/tips/8657/


Posted 5 years ago

jake.solomon Pro says:


I brain dump into my inbox and then set due dates, tags and lists in bulk. I would like a faster way to move tasks from my inbox to other lists without having to go to the mouse every time.


Posted 5 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

@jake.solomon - If you build your lists off of of smartlists keyed on tags, you can edit everything in your inbox, and then move it all at once to a holding tank list, and still have all of your tasks appear on the various lists you wish them to as they are now driven by tags. It's a very speedy approach.

Posted 5 years ago

velrok Pro says:

I want drag and drop between list too.

Posted 5 years ago

soulhuntre says:


Posted 5 years ago

mkamp says:

Wow, this post is more than four years old. One official answer in that time. That's <0.25 replies per year --> Awesome.

Posted 5 years ago

martin_j_johansson says:

Yes, I would like drag & drop also (especially inside lists).

Posted 5 years ago

philingle says:

drag and drop re-ordering was the first thing I tried to do. I would definately vote for it.

Posted 5 years ago

jejowork says:

Was just about to ask for this. Would be very userfriendly!

Why not use it also for tagging?

Posted 4 years ago

tatiana.colli says:

Here's an add-on that does that. There's also one for Chrome available, just google it.


Posted 4 years ago

jamie.mccoy says:

Definitely would like to see drag and drop -- and when you drag and drop a task to a smart list the task should automatically inherit the tags of that list.

Posted 4 years ago

andrii.pacific says:

+1 to drag and drop

Posted 4 years ago

c_inconnu says:

it would be very useful to go from inbox to another list

Posted 3 years ago

raiko Pro says:

Drag an drop is a must have and useful, too. Also inside of lists!

Posted 3 years ago

joshuasnow says:

+2 for drag and drop or even just a keyboard shortcut to move tasks between lists

Posted 3 years ago

scalliwag says:

Please, please, please - a drop and drag and then it would be absolutely perfect (from a new and very pleased new user)!

Posted 3 years ago

bobsonthegreat says:

+2 including jamie.mccoy's "when you drag and drop a task to a smart list the task should automatically inherit the tags of that list."

Posted 1 year ago

bomdemais says:

+1 drag and drop to reorder tasks

Posted 1 year ago

jowebbb says:

+1 and pretty please for drag/drop reorder.

I really value more reorder/sort options and find manual reorder the fastest and most efficient way to get things how I need them. Even if it were only available in the Android app, that would work (for me)!

Posted 13 weeks ago

localegg Pro says:

Would still love to see a drag and drop feature! particularly for sublists.

Posted 3 weeks ago

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