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Snooze option

monkey.boy says:

I did a search for Snooze on the forum, and only (2) threads came back. One was 6mths old and the other 2 years old. Has a Snooze option been added to RTM ? I cant seem to locate it. If it hasn't been added, I am very surprised that there is little talk about it.

If there is no Snooze option, does anyone have a workaround for getting reminders until an action is done for a task? I use this feature ALLOT with Outlook at work, but sometimes I forget to do something and it would be nice to get another reminder until I either Postpone or Complete the Task.

Posted at 8:06pm on January 2, 2008

monkey.boy says:


Any RTM staff have a comment on this?

Posted 7 years ago

lwallach says:

monkeyboy, I've found that in the last few months (since I've been using RTM), RTM staff doesn't comment in this forum area, only in the Help area. I would suggest if you want feedback from them on an idea, you might try contacting them directly.

This is unfortunate, and I'd love to see some public feedback, but I certainly understand the lack of time and the need to not promise things one can't deliver in a timely fashion. Still, it would be good to see whether there are specific features that are actually being worked on - I guess this again would possibly be bad for competition as it would let competitors know what things are in the works so they could implement them as well...

Posted 7 years ago

monkey.boy says:

Thanks. I posted the question on the Help forum. No responses yet though :(

I would be more than willing to pay for a Pro account if this feature was available.

Posted 7 years ago

hourback says:

I would love the snooze option and have wished for it often.

I also like the idea of an arbitrary number of reminder times or multiple due times for tasks.

Posted 6 years ago

senorshaggo says:

I need snooze. Best part of outlook is the ability to quickly remind me again.

Posted 3 years ago

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