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Option to hide task fields that aren't used

drummergirl says:
If this function exists, please enlighten me as to how to use it, but I would like to see a way to hid certain fields from view. For example, I don't use the location field (just lists and tags) so I would like to be able to remove that from my details and from the page on my iphone. I think it would help reduce screen clutter, leaving only the fields that I need visible. Just a thought.
Posted at 5:31pm on November 17, 2007
jss333 says:
I support this. On the "Settings" screen we would be able to select one of three visibility levels for each field:
* Always visible
* Hidden if empty
* Always hidden

When selecting one or more tasks, the above would be used to decide which fields to show in the task description area. Clicking a discreet icon on that area (maybe something like a double arrow pointing downwards, as you often see when expanding/collapsing panels) would reveal all fields (to allow the user to edit a field that is hidden). Of course, hitting the associated key (as in 'u' for url) would also make the field visible for editing if it is hidden.
Posted 4 years ago
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