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Option to auto-complete tasks after the reminder is delivered

goyishekop says:

I have to mark reminders completed. My reminders are just reminders.
It'd be nice to have "reminders completed when delivered" be at least an option.

Posted at 4:48pm on November 12, 2005

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Would anyone else find this useful?

I'm guessing that for most people, the reminders are about something that they haven't done yet.

However, I can see there'd be certain kinds of tasks that are complete once the reminder is received (e.g. "wake up" :)

Posted 10 years ago

indigoviolet says:


Posted 10 years ago

indigoviolet says:

Maybe something like [x] autocomplete after the due date or time?

Posted 10 years ago

ethklim says:

I would like this option
I´ve tasks, repeated every day,
a big list to click off when I start
RTM unfrequently

Posted 9 years ago

christopher.emmick says:

This would be useful. Make it so, Number One!

Posted 9 years ago

beau.raines Pro says:

I'd like this - I use it for "Check the grill/oven" type reminders that come via SMS, since I'm not always by the oven timer.

That was a resounding YES!

Posted 9 years ago

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