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Show the time estimate in the task list

gabriela.gibson says:
I'd like to see the time estimated next to the individual tasks (not only the date) and also the time that has already been spent on completing tasks in the list for the day, that I get when I search for 'today'.

It would very much help me pace myself and also help me not to overwork -- tho I was actually initially looking for all this in the Overview page for 'today', hoping that I can use settings to customize what I can see/do there.

Another thing I would find useful if I could use 't' to mean 'today' in the date box.
Posted at 4:39pm on June 20, 2007
mmartel says:

I would LOVE the idea of displaying the time required for each task in addition to the due date.

I'm also struggling to avoid overcommitting and being able to see due dates and time estimates will help tremendously.
Posted 9 years ago
mmartel says:
Also, it would be great if somewhere, as I select multiple tasks, there could be a display of the TOTAL estimated time.

This way, I could quickly determine whether it's realistic or not for me to get a certain set of tasks done in a day, half day, a couple hours, etc.

Posted 9 years ago
kirad says:
I was also looking for this option!
I hope this will be added!
Posted 5 years ago
andrea.haman says:
Also voting for showing the time estimate next to the task within each list (not in the task details) and for showing this in the Overview
Posted 4 years ago
kenneho says:
+1 from me too. I'm planning to use RTM for my time management system described in Thomas A. Limoncellis "Time Management for System Administrators" book, and (quite near) essential for me to have task estimate in the list.
Posted 4 years ago
blair.kelsie says:

It would be especially useful for when I print/view my Weekly Planner
Posted 4 years ago
dave.liao says:
Is there a way to do this, even via a style hack? =)
Posted 1 year ago
dave.liao says:
Is there a way to do this, even via a style hack? =)
Posted 1 year ago
dave.liao says:
Any kind of visual indicator would be useful...
Posted 12 months ago
marktudor says:
Adding my vote to this feature.
Posted 6 months ago
onerror says:
+1, that is a must-have
Posted 6 months ago
luisjcolorado says:
A big +1! I have also considered exporting to I can see the estimated time and the total for a list of tasks or subtasks, but I haven't found anything so far :(
Posted 17 weeks ago
vkhubani says:
Posted 15 weeks ago
joseaznarp says:
+1, this is a must-have, really useful data
Posted 13 weeks ago
katharinabrinck says:
Posted 10 weeks ago
yuriy.daybov says:
Looks like this feature request is so old that there is no hope that it will be implemented at all. ((
From my point of view it is the most signficant lack of functionality in the task list.
It makes the "estimation" field useless.
I wish I could group my tasks per their length but nope.
What a pity.
Posted 16 hours ago
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