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Alfred integration

chris.calo says:

Alfred is the most kick ass application launcher for Mac (http://alfredapp.com), and there needs to be a RtM integration.

I'm imagining typing [rtm] would launch the web app, and [rtm buy Dogfood ^tomorrow] would just add the task without launching the browser and then issue a success notification.

Posted at 1:49pm on November 10, 2011

blair.kelsie Pro says:

Agreed! I use Alfred regularly and I came across this while looking for a plugin.

Posted 1 year ago

malkady says:

Here guys, there has been one for quite some time: http://ruk.ca/content/alfred-remember-milk :)

Posted 1 year ago

adehaas Pro says:

Works like a charme, thanks!

Posted 10 months ago

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