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Trello integration

seamus.bradley Pro says:

I use Trello.com for organising my projects, I'd love to see interaction between Trello and RTM. I've just realised that what I'd really like is "export this task to RTM" which is more a trello feature request than an RTM one… But I can imagine it would be nice to go the other way too: export to trello list...

Posted at 3:00pm on November 2, 2011

sn3akyp3t3 Pro says:

I just joined Trello after viewing this request. It looks like a fast growing app despite its simplicity. Due to budget constraints at my workplace I will be suggesting Trello to my boss for project managment. As of Dec 13th their Twitter account mentioned an API will be available soon for data export. I hope that RTM and Trello appreciate the potential for 2 way communication for optimal productivity.

Posted 3 years ago

tariqrazzaq says:

Trello is a really simple, easy to use, visible application.

I use it at work and for bits at home.

Integration between RTM and Trello would be fab

Posted 3 years ago

phaedrus1313 Pro says:

Hi tariqrazzaq,

Could you share some suggestions for how you use both Trello and RTM? What parts of your workflows you do in which tool?


Posted 3 years ago

gijswijs says:

I would like to see this integration also. I think it would be nice to sync Trello lists with tags in RTM. Give each list in trello a unique tag in RTM. If you would drag a card from one list to another in trello, it would have to change the tag in RTM. The other way around would work also: If I change a tag in RTM, the item would move to another list in Trello.
You would have to think up a solution if by accident a task in RTM has multiple Trello tags. I would say that it should be in the Trello list the most to the right, and you would ignore the other tags.
Only the front of the card in Trello (the task description) would have to be synced with RTM.

Posted 3 years ago

slimbolala Pro says:

I have a long backlog of tasks, etc. captured in RTM, and it's serves those purposes excellently. But I'm finding that for my right-now stuff, and particularly stuff that's collaborative with other team members, the visual and team-centric aspects of Trello are very nice. So what I personally would love to see would be an integration that allowed me, say, to "feed" RTM items into Trello, export them into, api-to-api, Trello cards. Something like that.

Posted 2 years ago

brookwarner says:

I'd love to use Trello to visualize my RTM lists : "inbox" (backlog), "personal", "work", "next", "urgent" etc. I would do something like: use the RTM API to GET all tasks, priorities, tags, due dates, presumably populate a database somehow, and then send these items to the Trello API. Due date = due date, list = board, tags = labels, priority = position. Iteration 2 would then be to make it sync 2-ways, so when I move a trello card from one list to another, it updates RTM

Posted 2 years ago

phoebos Pro says:

If no integration is planned, then RTM would be great if it could integrate some cool features for project planning.
Sometimes in RTM, you feel you have to code in RTM or to make up a routine to use it conveniently... :-(

Posted 2 years ago

rhyswynne Pro says:

Hi All,

I had a similar problem to this recently, using RTM for my day to day to do lists and my Trello for my long term strategies.

I've coded some code that works pretty well (though uses a separate tool to convert a Trello Board into an ICS feed), you can see it here :) http://3doordigital.com/import-trello-cards-into-remember-the-milk/

Keep up the great work RTM peeps :)


Posted 2 years ago

isasgeir Pro says:

It has been difficult to use RTM for project management - Trello is like a fresh air in that respect. RTM - Trello interconnectivity would be great.

Posted 2 years ago

thisjones Pro says:

Agreed, I am loving Trello for project management and wish there was some way to use both great systems at the same time.

Posted 1 year ago

dreyjor says:

I'm agree too. RTM is perfect as personal productivity tool, but for project management Trello is fantastic. Integration please!

Posted 1 year ago

dave3141 Pro says:

We use Trello at work for project management, and I use RTM as my personal productivity tool. Integration between these two would be great, and would make it much easier for me to argue that my whole team should be using RTM!

Posted 1 year ago

vistar says:

nice idea

Posted 1 year ago

mixali Pro says:

1) It is possible to "export" / read Trello tasks from a Board as .ics, (and add this calendar to see it in Google Calendar or Outlook, i.e.). - I was trying to find a IFTTT formula to add them to RTM via Email but IFTTT only reads the calendars owned.

2) Both Trello and RTM have their API to communicate.

Thus, should be possible using one of these 2 methods to create (and update) tasks fom Trello to RTM or the other way arround.

Would be just great!

Posted 1 year ago

alfredo.dimaunahan says:

i just tried trello a few days ago and i'm loving it. i would love to see this integration in action. here are couple of use cases that i need:
- Trello to import certain list from RTM (i.e. Today). would be helpful to manage visually the in-progress, on-hold, done tasks
- In Trello, once an imported task is moved to Done list, it should mark the task in RTM as completed

i guess those 2 for now. i'm excited to see this. otherwise, i'll create and app for this myself... ;)

Posted 1 year ago

jebeaudoin says:

Two-way integration between RTM & Trello would be awesome. Please make it so!

Posted 12 months ago

valdar729 Pro says:

Any planned integration between the systems? We use trello for project management and keeping my person tasks in sync with it is a manual chore right now.

Posted 10 months ago

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