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Multifactor authentication

action.manager says:
RTM is my trusted GTD system; it contains a lot of personal/confidential information. I would trust it even more if RTM would use/allow multifactor authentication (a combination of something "I know" -my password- and something "I have" -unique physical item-).

Examples are the way LastPass uses the YubiKey/Grid, or Google's 2-Step Verification.
Posted at 7:50am on March 29, 2011
lucasvdhaven says:
Yes this would be awesome.

I vote for two factor authentication for RTM!

Thanks for reading.

Posted 5 years ago
jmeyer43 says:
agreed YubiKey, Verisign VIP (the one PayPal uses), or Google Authenticator would be cool... but I'm having a hard time imagining putting anything into RTM that would need anything close to that level of security... not voting either way on this one yet
Posted 5 years ago
michiel.schok says:
Or we could use the new kid on the block using QR codes: TIQR. completely Open Source.
Posted 5 years ago
fayid says:
+1 for 2 factor authentication possibly with Google Authenticator or SMS-texts.
Posted 2 years ago
koppah says:
Please add this!! As the original poster mentioned, I have a lot of personal information linked to my account.
Posted 2 years ago
keinech.tername says:
still no 2-step-verification? Come on!
Posted 1 year ago
docrea says:
Most definitely. This would make using RTM the default for me.
Posted 1 year ago
nedk says:
Please add two-factor authentication.
Posted 11 months ago
jlottosen says:
+1 for Google Authenticator.
Not that my shopping list is super secret, still want to keep it from malicious attempts.
Posted 7 months ago
andrewsnell says:
+1 for Google Authenticator and/or YubiKey OTP support.
Posted 6 months ago
fayid says:
Disappointed that there is still no multi factor authentication even in the year 2016! Using just a password is poor security nowadays. Not worth to loose all the tasks over a hack.
Posted 5 months ago
tomhall100 says:
+1 for Google Auth
Posted 4 months ago
ifermon says:
Posted 12 weeks ago
chris9140 says:
I vote for this. (RTM is the perfect app by the way - way ahead of the others)
Posted 6 days ago
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