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Multifactor authentication

action.manager says:
RTM is my trusted GTD system; it contains a lot of personal/confidential information. I would trust it even more if RTM would use/allow multifactor authentication (a combination of something "I know" -my password- and something "I have" -unique physical item-).

Examples are the way LastPass uses the YubiKey/Grid, or Google's 2-Step Verification.
Posted at 7:50am on March 29, 2011
lucasvdhaven says:
Yes this would be awesome.

I vote for two factor authentication for RTM!

Thanks for reading.

Posted 6 years ago
jmeyer43 says:
agreed YubiKey, Verisign VIP (the one PayPal uses), or Google Authenticator would be cool... but I'm having a hard time imagining putting anything into RTM that would need anything close to that level of security... not voting either way on this one yet
Posted 5 years ago
michiel.schok says:
Or we could use the new kid on the block using QR codes: TIQR. completely Open Source.
Posted 5 years ago
fayid says:
+1 for 2 factor authentication possibly with Google Authenticator or SMS-texts.
Posted 2 years ago
koppah says:
Please add this!! As the original poster mentioned, I have a lot of personal information linked to my account.
Posted 2 years ago
keinech.tername says:
still no 2-step-verification? Come on!
Posted 1 year ago
docrea says:
Most definitely. This would make using RTM the default for me.
Posted 1 year ago
nedk says:
Please add two-factor authentication.
Posted 1 year ago
jlottosen says:
+1 for Google Authenticator.
Not that my shopping list is super secret, still want to keep it from malicious attempts.
Posted 10 months ago
andrewsnell says:
+1 for Google Authenticator and/or YubiKey OTP support.
Posted 10 months ago
fayid says:
Disappointed that there is still no multi factor authentication even in the year 2016! Using just a password is poor security nowadays. Not worth to loose all the tasks over a hack.
Posted 8 months ago
tomhall100 says:
+1 for Google Auth
Posted 7 months ago
ifermon says:
Posted 6 months ago
chris9140 says:
I vote for this. (RTM is the perfect app by the way - way ahead of the others)
Posted 14 weeks ago
charalew says:
We really need this now. Task list data is inherently personally sensitive and with the combination of greater computing power AND the greatly increased levels of hacking activity it's gone from being desirable to essential. ToodleDo has offered this for years as do most of the major Cloud Services e.g. DropBox, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon etc
Posted 10 weeks ago
charalew says:
Please add my vote...
Posted 10 weeks ago
toob says:
Posted 10 weeks ago
etairaz says:
It's 2017. Passwords are not considered a secured authentication mechanism anymore.
Guys, you really need to go ahead and allow MFA, like Google Authenticator
Posted 10 weeks ago
junkfood says:
Please support U2F
Posted 9 weeks ago
nikilito says:
Two-factor, please.
Posted 9 weeks ago
pauk.healey says:
+1 for Google Authenticator and/or YubiKey.
Posted 8 weeks ago
carlosleitao says:

Respectfully, I do not understand why this subject is being discussed yet.

We all know how easy is to crack any service.
The only option to give us some safety (some!) is 2FA.

Please, Bob, prioritize this job for the next few months.

Or we are waiting for an attack to take action?
Posted 3 weeks ago
carlosleitao says:

You there?
Posted 3 weeks ago
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