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Dropbox integration

steven.warman says:

It would be nice to be able to link a file in Dropbox to the RTM task. One additional thing I believe would be of use is to have the email to RTM feature strip an attachment and store it in the users DropBox account. By enabling this sort of integration a user could have access to their files that support their tasks/projects no matter what computer they were using RTM on.

Posted at 4:26pm on March 25, 2011

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

While it would be nice to automate this, you can obtain a link for any file in Dropbox and paste that in the URL field - something I do with some files, just as I have some tasks that link to Google Docs, too.

Sendtodropbox.com will strip an attachment for you into your Dropbox, so you can email something to RTM and Sendtodropbox and get that now.

I say this not to suggest your ideas wouldn't be helpful (they would be great), but given the pace of development here, I think it's unlikely we will see these things added to RTM, and it's useful to know how to kludge things together to get what you want in the meantime.

Posted 4 years ago

mibara says:

I'd like to second Steven's idea. While I do the same that ranbarton does now utilizing Dropbox and RTM, having a seamless process in RTM that strips a file and stores a link in the reminder would be absolutely awesome and a tremendous time-saver.

Posted 4 years ago

jmeyer43 says:

Putting anything in Dropbox without first encrypting is is VERY dangerous... if I'm going to do that I can upload it manually and add the link like ranbarton does... voting no because it would encourage anti-secure practices

Posted 4 years ago

plainclothes says:

'anti-secure practices'? That's a little extreme, don't you think? How many Dropbox users are encrypting everything they upload? Very few I think. Those few are probably the only ones who need to worry about it.

I think the e-mail import idea is a great one. I'd probably only use it occasionally but, I can imagine workflows where this would be a big plus.

Posted 4 years ago

gregchesney Pro says:

I would like to see a response on this from RTM. This is a great idea. A folder in Dropbox called RTM that sends the attachment plus adds a link to a note would be fabulous.

Posted 3 years ago

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