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New repeat option: first [day] in [month] (e.g. 'second monday in january')

nathan.bell says:

Hi. Suggestion: add support for custom due dates to be entered in the format [first] [Day] in [Month] [Year(optional)]. ie. I set the due date as "second Monday in January at 5pm" and RTM interprets this as "10 Jan 2011 @ 17:00". I might be the only one who wants this feature, but it would be handy.

Great product, keep it up!

Posted at 5:42am on December 27, 2010

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for your feedback! I've added this to our list to investigate.

Posted 4 years ago

mrei Pro says:

I'd like that, too. In addition something like "every month on the 3rd monday".

Posted 4 years ago

savvyrb says:

This would be great for meetings that happen the second Friday of every month.

Posted 4 years ago

stenkate Pro says:

Valuable suggestion!

Posted 3 years ago

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