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Make installable on SD card

kseistrup Pro says:

Please make the RTM app for Androïd installable on the SD card so that the app doesn't take up precious space in the phone's internal memory.


Posted at 6:32pm on August 1, 2010

Answeredemily (Remember The Milk) says:

I can definitely appreciate the wish for this feature, but unfortunately it's something that's unlikely to be possible in the near future. Sorry! :(

Google has a bunch of guidelines for "Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage". They have a list of features and say that if you use any of them, you shouldn't allow your application to be installed on external storage (otherwise, um, bad things may happen). Unfortunately we use three of these features already, and may be using a couple of extra ones in the future. If those guidelines change (i.e., Google figures out how to workaround all those bad things that may happen), it's something we'd look into supporting.

Posted 5 years ago

andrew.a.elston says:

+1 Now that Android 2.2 (FroYo) is becoming available on more devices, I would say this would be wise.

Posted 5 years ago

ramercer says:

if the app was installable to the SD card then the widgets wouldn't work, I'd rather have the widgets.

Posted 4 years ago

dodger_web says:

why not have 2 apps : one on SD card and the widget separated ?

Posted 4 years ago

edgargomes says:

my problem is the size of the app! can you make it smaller!

Posted 4 years ago

robert.j.stevens says:

+1 I'm sure there are other blockers other than the widget problem, but Evernote has a widget that is disabled when running the app from sd. Perhaps this might be a solution to this issue; give the user the choice between widget and running from sd..?

Posted 4 years ago

jennyusagi says:

I like the idea of having the choice - just have to have a warning letting folks know which features would be disabled. Especially if it comes down to not having the space and thus not being able to have RTM at all.

Posted 4 years ago

majkelk Pro says:

I agree with dodger_web - split the app into the app itself and the lightweight widget. You solve all problems with installation on SD card: the widget stays running after external storage is unmounted - it can restart service after it is mounted back, re-register alarms or sync manager.
There are many apps working this way - GentleAlarm, PowerAmp media player and others.

Posted 4 years ago

jasonpbyu Pro says:

The new version is even bigger than the old one, would really love you to find a way to get it able to work on the SD card, as others have suggested above.

Posted 4 years ago

gmenounos says:

Yes, please give us the option of installing RTM on the SD card. I'd rather have the extra storage space than the widget.

Posted 4 years ago

ukbeano says:

I use Link2SD, this does mean I needed to root my phone but it means I can move almost any app to the SD card.

Posted 4 years ago

laurachev90 says:

I'd be happy if I could uninstall some of the apps I don't use that came preinstalled without rooting the phone. That would give me more than enought space for the stuff I do want and use.

Posted 3 years ago

newtob says:

I can't use RtM if it doesn't install to SD.
Please help!

Posted 3 years ago

good.evil.genius says:

What features does the app use that Google says shouldn't be used in external storage apps?

I know about the widget, but there are a lot of apps that have widgets that simply have a notice telling users that widgets won't work if installed to the SD card, but what besides that would not work properly?

Posted 3 years ago

david.janssens says:

I understand the reasoning, but lots of phones come with a rather limited supply of memory. I second the comments robert.j.stevens and majkelk.
Besides, the use of the cool features is non-existent if only a very tiny part of your users keep the app because of this size limitation.

Posted 3 years ago

raakvlak Pro says:

+1 for an option that would allow installation on external cards, even at the expense of services like the widget.
Am going nuts with the phone complaining all the time that it is "short on disc space"

Posted 3 years ago

ofaurax says:

The purpose of the android app is to push the subscription for pro account.

For me, it takes too much space on my tiny 128MB, so rather than asking myself if I want a pro account, I ask myself if I should search for an alternative...
The next time I run out of space, I'll be considering

You know what, I would even buy a 25$ pro account for this app movable to SD with unlimited sync (this limitation makes the app unusuable for daily use)

Posted 3 years ago

bgranewables says:

please make SD card version. I am looking for alternative apps now.

Posted 3 years ago

yakavetta says:

Same too, application takes more than 3mb, I own Galaxy Y and unfortunatelly don't have so much space to install another app (on another hand have 16GB SD which I cannot use fully, becouse app does not install to sd)

Posted 3 years ago

rickschertz says:

I also have a lame Android with only 128MB of internal memory. It's seriously crippling on the choice of available apps for my model phone and hurts when I find a favorite app that I may have to pass up. I'll eventually replace it, but not yet. Google's architecture limitation here is sad as is providing smart phones with such a ridiculously small internal non-upgradable internal memory. Groan.

Posted 2 years ago

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