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Support for bullets in notes

waynedunkley says:

Hey there... it would be great if I could make bullet lists within notes... since my notes are just short ideas most of the time...


Posted at 12:56pm on April 16, 2010

mzjln says:

The end-of-line character is not ignored, so you can just start each line by a dash.

Posted 5 years ago

waynedunkley says:

Visually round bullets work better for me than dashes... but it is good to know I can use dashes...



Posted 5 years ago

cobrastyle Pro says:

If you're using a mac, option-8 creates a round bullet point: •


They don't seem prominent enough for me, so I use dashes like mzjln does...

Posted 5 years ago

waynedunkley says:

That's a great Mac hint... thanks very much!

Posted 5 years ago

claytronic Pro says:

Markdown support would make this very easy.


Posted 4 years ago

rrrichard Pro says:

I would like to have this feature as well - along with indented sub-bullets to eliminate formatting with spaces.

Posted 1 year ago

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