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Did you fall in love with Scala at first sight? Do you dream of actors, DSLs, implicits and pattern matching? Does a copy of Cal Henderson's "Building Scalable Web Sites" (or "Scalable Internet Architectures" by Theo Schlossnagle -- we're not too picky! :) reside on your person at all times? This might be the position for you!

What does a Software Engineer (Scala) do at Remember The Milk?

You'll be working on the backend of our web application and other interfaces. You'll collaborate with front-end engineers and will be responsible for creating robust high volume production applications, as well as quick development of prototypes. This is a full-time, "work from anywhere" position (Earth-dwellers only, please).

An ideal candidate has:


A little about us and how we work

Interested in this position? Please email jobs@rememberthemilk.com with the subject "Software Engineer (Scala)" and include the following:
  1. A little bit about yourself.
  2. Samples of your Scala code (links to GitHub etc strongly preferred, attachments also accepted).
  3. Your resume.