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Managing tasks is generally not a fun way to spend your time. We created Remember The Milk so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand. Over 5 million awesome people now use our apps to stay organized!

Our Story

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Way back in 2004, two desperately disorganized people (that's us – co-founders Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani) were fed up with constantly forgetting things... yes, including the milk. Inspired by the awesomeness of Gmail, which had launched earlier that year, we decided to build a web app that would help us to end our disorganized ways.

We were joined by Bob T. Monkey, who brought some much-needed experience to the team (and as an added bonus, accepted remuneration entirely in bananas). We coded furiously for a year, and launched Remember The Milk in October 2005.

It turns out that there are a lot of other disorganized people all over the world! The app grew and grew... and grew some more. No longer just a web app, Remember The Milk is now the to-do list that's everywhere you are. We've developed apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry 10; gadgets for Gmail and Google Calendar; sync with Microsoft Outlook and Evernote; adding tasks via email, Siri, and Twitter; and a bunch more!

Meet The Team

Remember The Milk was founded in Sydney by two people and one stuffed monkey (yes, really), and is now based in San Francisco. We have a distributed team located all around the world. Interested in joining us? Check out our jobs page.

Emily Omar Bob T. Monkey


Emily is completely obsessed with task management, and loves designing new features for Remember The Milk. She loves eating sushi and soba, and is insanely competitive at word and board games. Emily lives in San Francisco.

OmarCo-Founder/Software Engineer

Omar's responsible for all things tech at Remember The Milk. He's an active contributor to open source software, and once developed his own Linux operating system named tinysofa. Omar enjoys video gaming, and can't live without coffee. He lives in San Francisco.

Bob T. MonkeyCode Monkey

Remember The Milk is Bob's very first job, but he's already made an extremely valuable contribution, writing several thousand lines of JavaScript while the other team members relaxed on the beach. Bob lives on a desk in San Francisco.

Ab Andrew Andrew

AbSoftware Engineer

Ab joined Remember The Milk after graduating with his Computer Science degree from the University of New South Wales. When he's not busy coding, Ab enjoys playing soccer, trivia, and eating icecream. Ab lives in Sydney, Australia.

AndrewTechnical Support Engineer

Andrew used to help people with their computers and devices; now he helps people get the most out of Remember The Milk. He's also a big fan of GTD. When he's not answering everyone's questions, he tries to decide which he loves more: coffee or tea? Szechuan food or Thai food? Andrew lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

AndrewSoftware Engineer

Andrew uses GTD with Remember The Milk to keep his life as organized and structured as possible (sometimes even impossible). When he's not developing a new cool feature or digging to the bottom of the call stack, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife. Andrew likes playing guitar, listening to music, and drinking coffee. He lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Alonso Grant Sami

AlonsoSoftware Engineer

Alonso is a practitioner of the Unix philosophy and his development environment is based on classic Unix tools. He also sharpens his skills by practicing different programming languages and paradigms. Besides programming, he likes playing his guitar and multiplayer games. Alonso lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

GrantCommunity Manager (Japanese)

Grant took a one-way flight from the sunny beaches of San Diego to the majestic alps of Nagano in 2007. Japanese and life management, once hobbies, became full time passions. Grant also enjoys falling repeatedly off of the sides of boulders in attempting to climb to the top of them. He lives in Tokyo, Japan.

SamiSoftware Engineer

Full-time dreamer, part-time achiever, Sami recently graduated with his Computer Science degree from the University of New South Wales and enjoys thinking, talking and eating. Not necessarily in that order. Sami lives in Sydney, Australia.