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Give the gift of organization, and we'll give a gift to you!

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For each 1 year Gift Pro account that you buy between now and December 31, 2010, you'll receive 3 months of Pro for yourself. As an example, if you bought 4 gifts, you'd get a year of Pro for yourself!

Only $25 for a 1 year Pro account


How do Remember The Milk gifts work?
Does the person I buy the gift for need to have a Remember The Milk account?
What are the Pro account benefits?
Do I need to do anything special when I place my order?
Can I pay by eCheck on PayPal?
Once I buy a gift, how do I give it to someone?
Does this offer apply to regular (non-gift) Pro upgrades too?
When does this offer end?
If I buy a gift for my friend can you arrange for it to be delivered personally by elves?
Anything else I need to know?