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I'm receiving an error in MilkSync or Outlook


When opening MilkSync or when syncing your tasks, you receive an error message.


A disabled add-in in Outlook or problem connecting to Outlook.


Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Start Outlook before starting MilkSync.

It's possible that MilkSync is reporting an error because it can't connect to Outlook. It may be possible to correct this kind of issue by taking the following steps:

  1. Close Outlook and MilkSync. (It may be necessary to check the Windows Task Manager on the Processes to make sure Outlook.exe and MilkSync.exe are not running.)
  2. Open Outlook; make sure it opens successfully.
  3. Open MilkSync and synchronize again.

2. Check that the add-in isn't disabled.

It's also important to check that MilkSync hasn't been disabled in Outlook, which can disable add-ins automatically to prevent problems. You can check whether MilkSync is disabled by consulting the appropriate steps from Microsoft for your version of Outlook.

However, if the add-in is continually disabled, please contact us.

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