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I receive an error when subscribing to a feed


An error occurs when subscribing to a Remember The Milk iCalendar feed in a third party product or service (such as Google Calendar or iCal).


The third party product or service may not have access to your Remember The Milk feed, or may be experiencing a temporary issue.


Please try the following to resolve the issue:

1. Enable private addresses

If you are using an online calendar (such as Google Calendar) or other software that does not support authentication, please ensure that you have enabled private addresses for your Remember The Milk account.

2. Subscribe to an individual list

If your calendar software does not support authentication, in addition to enabling private addresses, please ensure that you are subscribing to an individual list or Smart List. The 'All Lists' feed will not work without authentication, even with private addresses enabled.

3. Try again in case of a temporary issue

In case your online calendar is experiencing a temporary issue with subscriptions (or there is a temporary issue with Remember The Milk), please wait a few hours and try to subscribe again.

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