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What are private addresses?

The RSS and iCalendar feeds allow you to subscribe to your tasks with your feed reader or calendar app.

Many feed readers and calendars, particularly those online, don't support authenticated feeds like ours (which require your Remember The Milk username and password to access them). To work around this problem, we've created an option to turn on private addresses, so that you can subscribe to your tasks with apps such as Google Calendar.

You can now enable private addresses for your lists by going to the General tab on the Settings screen (via the link on the top right in Remember The Milk).

With private addresses, each of your list feeds is given a very long, hard to guess URL. You can use this URL to subscribe with your feed reader or show your tasks on your Google Calendar. After you've enabled this feature, you'll find the private RSS and iCalendar feed URLs available in the list details box for each list (private addresses are available for both regular and Smart Lists).

Please note: Private addresses are designed for your use only, so please don't share this address with others. If you accidentally share your private address, click on the "Reset Private URLs" link on the Settings screen to create brand new private address URLs.

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