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My list of emailed tasks aren't being imported properly


When adding a list of tasks via email:

  • The task list ends up in a note; or
  • Only one task is created (instead of multiple tasks)


The email may have been sent to the wrong address (the single task address instead of the import address), or a signature may be causing problems in processing the email.


Please try the following to resolve the issue:

1. Check that you're emailing the correct address

The email address you're sending to should be in the format:


Please check that the email address contains +import (without this, your email is assumed to contain only a single task with its details).

2. Check for a signature or disclaimer

If your email has a signature or disclaimer at the end, after the task list you'll need to include:


on a line by itself. Everything after this line will be ignored (without this line, there may be problems processing your tasks).

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