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How do I share a task with a contact?

Warning: Sharing means you are letting another person change your task. You should only share with people you trust!

To share a task with a contact:

  1. Open the Remember The Milk web app.
  2. Select the task(s) that you wish to share in the tasks list.
  3. Click on 'More Actions...'.
  4. Select 'Share With...' in the dropdown.
  5. You will be shown your contacts and groups.
  6. Select the contact(s) and/or group(s) that you wish to share with.
  7. In the status box, click on 'Share'.

You will then be returned to the tasks list.

The task(s) that you shared will appear in the Inbox of your contact(s).

Note about shared tasks: A contact that receives a shared task can change the priority without affecting the original task; this allows the contact to prioritize where a task goes in their own list. This does not apply to tasks added to a shared list.

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